Functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the Department of Industry and Trade of Binh Phuoc province

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The Department of Industry and Trade is a specialized agency under the Provincial People's Committee; Subject to the direction and management of organization, staffing and operations of the Provincial People's Committee; At the same time, comply with the direction, inspection, and professional guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.
The Department of Industry and Trade has the function of advising and assisting the Provincial People's Committee in state management of industry and trade, including industries and fields: mechanical engineering; Metallurgical; electricity; new energy; recycled energy; use energy economically and efficiently; oil and gas (if any); chemistry; industry explode materials; Mining and mineral processing industry (except for common construction materials); consumer industry; food industry; supporting industry; environmental industry; other processing industries; handicraft; industrial Promotion; commercial activities and circulation of goods in the province; sustainable production and consumption; import Export; border trade; promotion; ecommerce; commercial services; competition management; protect consumer rights and manage business activities in a multi-level manner; trade defense; international economic integration; Manage industrial clusters in the province according to the provisions of law.

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